Life Changing Pregnancy Resources

Everyone is asking us how we did it: two amazing births after 40 (one painless and one aerial). The answer is simple: with the knowledge of others and yes, with a bit of luck. So here you have our top resources that made both pregnancies/deliveries possible.

For the first pregnancy, we read all these books and others. For the second pregnancy, I asked the writers of these books (and other amazing teachers) for an interview AND they said yes. This way theĀ  Pregnant Preneur Project was born. So, if you are not much of a reader or simply, prefer the flexibility of mp3’s (listening while cycling, cooking, driving…), this is for you. This will always be on line and will always be free. I want as many people as possibly to

The Biology of Belief, by Dr. Lipton

We have a more active role in our health than the DNA story has lead us to believe. Here you have the science on how you can change your own body and live. AND how you can be a brain and body designer for your children even (specially) before they are born.

Pure science and easy to read. Inmensily inspiring.


Painless birth? without drugs? at any age? It’s all (well a lot) in your mind.

A huge part of the pains and fears around birth are ideas. Marie Mongan decoded them for us, creating the amazing method: HypnoBirthing. I have the pleasure of applying it in both births and afterwards in my life. I totally recommend it.

The global website of HypnoBirthing:

The amazing hypnobirthing local practicioner who tought the method to me, Elisabeth van den Berkmortel:

Some articles I wrote on this subject before:

The Secret Life of the Unborn Child by Dr. Verny

Dr. Verny gives us all the science on how we start being parents before our children are born. He makes a very convincing case on why we should care about the happiness of the mother before, during and after the birth of our children.

The Magical Child, by Joseph Chilton

The Magical Child is the hope for humanity. The Magial Child is the human being who will bring creativity, peace, unity and more blessings to our future. If you feel your child is a Titan, Joseph Chilton takes you by the hand on how to encourage his growth and evolution.

De Gebortecentrum

Giving birth away from your own mom (your natural support njetwork)n and in a foreign country can be very risky for the emotional health of the mother. That was my case.

The difference between a happy post-partum period and post-natal depression was largely made by the supportive presence of De Gebortecentrum. Amazing resource for the gals who live here in Amsterdam. Make sure you book these ladies!