Painless Divine Birth After 40

Camilo Axel Schaart was born the 31 from October at 11:05 am.

All our life, Bertil and I have wished for a healthy and empowered life. That is to say, we believe in the power of the human body to cure itself naturally. Since we decided to be parents, we initiated a special research on the best way to have a natural and healthy pregnancy, as well as childbirth. Now that the baby rests in his cradle, I can our dream came true.

At 40, I became pregnant without any medical aid . What a  blessing! I had a very healthful pregnancy. I felt many of the common complaints of pregnancy: fatigue, nausea, dizziness… Nevertheless, none of the most worrisome complaints occurred: high pressure, diabetes, abortion… Nothing! Eating well, rest, measured exercise and much peace were the prescription.

We prepared for childbirth with powerful and uplifting information. We read books, went to courses and researched online. We decided to welcome our child in water. We rented a special bathtub for this. We decided to use a method of meditation that helped me to be completely present and conscious. This level of awareness, allowed me to experience the body sensations in a different way. It´s not pain disappeared, it was just a sensation. By just changing the label of pain for the label of sensation, it seemed to vanish. We decide to have to the baby in house. Our intention was to have a very intimate childbirth, only Bertil and I. We decide that we would call the midwife, but just until the very last moment. We decided not to have anyone else helping us. The idea was cheap NFL jerseys silence, privacy, concentration and peace.

You see, we see childbirth as a sacred moment. It´s almost like child conception. It´s divine. It´s private. It´s ecstatic. It´s intimate. That´s how we wanted our baby to be welcomed in this world.

One week before his birth we were still buying small things for the baby: blankets, socks and other small details. During our purchases, I began to feel some contractions. I thought that because their duration and frequency they were preparatory contractions. So we did not worry much. I practice my breathing techniques and voilá beautiful experience. They enhanced my confidence, because the sensation of the contractions was really not that bad.

The night before Camilo´s birth, I began to feel contractions, with the same duration and frequency that the previous week. We judged them as preparatory contractions. So, we decided to have a gorgeous dinner and fall asleep. Next morning at 6 am, my body woke up: Childbirth began!

In the back of my mind, I heard the voice of my great grandmother. `Even cheap NFL jerseys if you have to deal with life and dead matters, eat`. So I did. At 6 am, as it was clear that our baby would be born that day, wholesale nfl jerseys I decided that it was time to have breakfast. I combined my cereal with the first contractions. One spoon. One contraction. One spoon.  One contraction.  It went quite fine. I was feeling really empowered to continue breathing all my way through latest our baby´s birth.

Silly me, I thought that it could solve a Sodoku between contractions. Oh, no! My concentration needed to be in wholesale jerseys my breathing. Each contraction needed all my attention. If I was breathing and meditating correctly, the pain was materially nonexistent. When I was out of sync with the process, when I was too late with my breathing, pain did touch me.

At 8 my water broke. It was as if a bottle of Tummy champagne just opened. We took a sample of the amniotic liquid. It was a beautiful light pink, almost white. Nice and healthy!

Around 9 Bertil began WYOBRA?NIA to fill the bathtub. We thought that a little bit hotter would be a good idea. Just one degree hotter would be ok, considering that it would take time for me to have the 10 cm opening. We thought!

For a long time, I was able to apply my technique. When Bertil felt that I was starting to lose it, called the midwife. I was losing my calm, while he couldn’t do all the things that he needed to do at that point: fill the tub, hold my hand, record the beginning and end of contractions…

After he called the midwife, I took a very silly and humorous decision. I wanted to bathe and to shave my legs! Can you believe it! I didn’t want to receive dirty neither the midwife, nor our baby. With contractions every two minutes I bathed and shaved! Incredible! Now I find it totally unnecessary and certainly silly.

The midwife arrived around 10:30. We met all the midwives of our health center during the pregnancy, except this young lady. She was a substitute! She was a substitute! When I saw her, I got so angry. How is it possible that they send a person who I do not know and worse who does not know me!

She checked to me and confirmed what already felt: I was ready to welcome Camilo. She told met that it was time for me to get into the bathtub. I wanted to go to the toilet. I couldn’t, but I did clearly feel the head my little baby.

At that point, I was in panic. I forgot all I learned me and fear began to invade me. The support words of Bertil no longer had effect in me. At that point the midwife was fantastic. All her words were perfect. Her leadership was amazing. Because of her, I was able to stop shouting and began breathing again.

I got into the bathtub. According to me, it was very hot. According to the thermometer, it was within range. Bertil ran with two cold water buckets. Then I felt the perfect temperature. I squatted and I initiated my breathing Vision/Mission/values to receive baby.One breathing per contraction.

In the first breathing I felt one centimeter of his head out. In second breathing, I felt 3 centimeters of his head out. In the third breathing, all his head was out. The midwife reached to move the umbilical cord that was around its little neck. I thought that I should wait for another contraction to birth him. The midwife said “Try!” and so I did. In the middle of the fourth breathing his small body left mine. It was so fast, just like a fish in the water.  (11: 05 a.m.)

For a second, we couldn’t find him in the water. We were so excited. Bertil and I held him. We let him be under the water for few seconds.He was sleeping. Yes, he was sleeping! He didn’t feel any discomfort during his birth. I embraced delicately it I put and it against my chest, with his little face outside the water. Then it gave its first breathing. Bertil got into the bathtub and we both embraced him. What a  wonder! What a miracle!

The midwife said to us that it was time to let birth the placenta. I tried to! I tried to use my breathing technique to birth it, but it didn’t work. I burst in laughter. It could not stop laughing. The project “Placenta Birth” appeared to me so worldly, almost unnecessary. Oh gosh, I laughed, oh, I laughed!

Surely enough, I began to feel pain, because the placenta wanted to go out. So we decided that it was time to cut the umbilical cord. Bertil did so, so that I could leave the bathtub. The midwife helped to remove the placenta me. Afterward, she checked if I had some tearing. cheap MLB jerseys As it was the case, she gave me ONE stitch. At that point, the nurse arrived.

Then, it was the moment of the tests (reflexes, weight, color of skin….) In summary, all good. He weighed 3.2 kilos. Afterward, we tried breastfeeding and it worked. Camilo immediately learned how to eat.

During the first week we received the daily support of a nurse and every second day the visit of the midwife. zwei The first week of his life was really very easy. I had loads of milk. They say I was very active.  He was a very calm boy. Bertil is the best dad of the world, very active on all fronts: cocking, cleaning, shopping, etc.

So, here you have it: the story of the natural birth childbirth of Camilo Axel, who was born the 31 from October of 2010 to the 11:05 in the morning.

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