Meet us

Our inspiration, our best spiritual teachers
Our inspiration, our best spiritual teachers

Welcome to our place!

Would you like a cup of coffee? or maybe tea?

We are a very normal family, are we?

We have some crazy ideas, which actually we are implementing. We are transforming our lifestyle design into our day to day.

Mom and dad are senior excutives converted into lifestyle entrepreneurs. Besides their formal education  in actual universities and business schools, they

Bertil is dad, entrepreneur, friend, lover, son, friend and much more.

Blanca is mom, entrepreneur, friend, lover, daughter, friend and much more.

Bertil and BlancaCamilo is son, smiles, teacher and much more.

Magali is daughter, light, teacher and much more.

Together we are 78 years old. We have Aztec blood. Love French cooking. Have Dutch passport. Paint. Speak. Write.

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