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Dear Lifestyle Designers,
We’re so happy to welcome you to our home. We’re so excited to share with you the solutions we have implemented in our life to be able to run several businesses, be parents and continuously work in our personal mastery.

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The biggest and open event that Blanca will be hosting this year is the Pregnant Preneur Project, where visionary experts, innovative thinkers and uplifting spirits in the world of pregnancy and heart centered business will be offering their guidance and knowledge towards harnessing the power of pregnancy as the fuel for a brand new YOU.

It´s online. You don’t need to travel. It´s all free. You don’t need to pay anything. It starts on July 9th. The only thing you need to do is register here.

If you sense that you are in a unique opportunity to connect with your most powerful self. Join us!

PS. Can’t make the calls? That’s Ok! All the calls will be recorded and kept up for you for 48 hours after each call.
PPS. Are you pregnant and dreaming to set up your business? This will catapult your dreams out of the drawer into reality.
PPPS. Not pregnant? Pass it on!

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