7 ways to get clothes for your children

Children are the love of my life. I would do anything for them. Clothes can really accentuate their personality. However, finding good fitting, high quality and fashionable clothes for them is quite a task! Here are 7 ways to get great quality clothes for them.

1. Buy

The obvious way. There are many shops and online stores where you can buy new clothes for your loved ones. Pro: you know the quality upfront. You will buy something fashionable.

2. Family and friends

Sometimes they will give buy new clothes for your children. However, it is very likely that they give you new clothes that their offspring outgrew before even wearing it! Also, even worn clothes,provided the quality is good, can be handed down to you.

3. Second hand stores

A great way to find new or almost new clothes. When family and friends (see #2) cannot give it to their relatives anymore, they sometimes donate it to second hand stores. Good chance you will find branded clothes for next to nothing.

4. DIY

Why not make your own clothes? It is creative and fun. It will make you proud.

5. Repurpose

In the same line of thought as #4, you can repurpose old clothes and give them a new life. I am not just talking about patching up, but with some creativity, you can create something fashionable in no time.

6. Outlet stores

There is quite a number of outlet stores in The Netherlands. Check out Batavia stad or example:

7. Online marketplaces

Check out online marketplaces as well. Most famous in the Netherlands is Marktplaats Here you get find great clothes and have it shipped to your doorstep.

Do you know other ways? Let us know!