Which clothes to bring for the holidays?

Yes! I’m so much looking forward to the summer holidays. However, as the day comes near, I feel some stress. What clothes can I bring?

My advice

What I always do is, instead of thinking and thinking, is just to take my suit case, throw it on the bed and open it. Now things start to become more real for me. I select the clothes that I like. I make a separate pile of the ‘maybe’s’. Then I review it all.

Testing the possibilities

With the knowledge of the allowed weight of your luggage (if you’re flying), you can start packing. I always run into space issues, but when I roll up my clothes, a lot more fits in. Once I am satisfied, I put the clothes that didn’t make it back in the wardrobe.

Then, with an empty bed, I take out all the clothes again and place them nicely on the bed. I do this, so I can take a good photo of it. Yes, I will need to wear some of these clothes before I go on holidays! Sometimes, when I m in the mood, I make nice combinations and take a picture of that as well. Just as a reminder of the possibilities that I will have when I am abroad.

what are your clothing tips for holidays?