What to wear in sunny Amsterdam?

Does this sounds familiar? You are looking forward to go the city center of Amsterdam (or any other city in this country). But what should you wear?

Time is ticking

You’re standing in front of the mirror. You feel like that you wore half of your clothes yesterday. The other half you would actually never ever wear! You want to dress up for the occasion, but you don’t want to overdo it. What to do?

For all you expats in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a vibrant city where you can freely express yourself. And you should do so. What better way to communicate your outfit?

Accessories to the rescue

With a few simple accessories, you can revive your entire wardrobe! A colourful shawl, loosely worn around your neck, gives you that fresh summer feeling.

What about wearing a belt? Forget about its original purpose! It can really beautifully accentuate your curves (and it therefor allows you to eat one more ice cream!)

Where to buy in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has many clothes stores. We recommend to start in the Kalverstraat. Not only does it host a myriad of fashion outlets, the people in the street itself offer you great inspiration. Looking for convenience or pressed for time? Go to a webshop.


Winter in Holland: dress comfortably!

Dutch winters can be dreary. How can you ever be prepared in terms of clothes? And I am not even speaking about fashion!

I found a great inspirational video that showcases some really beautiful combinations.